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Accessories: VitrineMedia ONE

The esthetic is thought through in detail, down to the rounded inox fixtures.

Easy to insert images in each side of the lit panel thanks to it's magnetic opening system.

2 options

  • Leave the occulting paper given in the back side of the panel to maximise the brightness on the street side.
  • Remove the occulting paper and take advantage of the brightness on both sides of the LED panel.
  • Dimensions of the A4 format : 33.4 x 24.7 cm
  • Dimensions of the A3 format : 45.8 x 33.4 cm
  • Size A2 format: 63.1 x 45.8 cm
  • Size A1 format: 88.3 x 63.1 cm
  • Thickness : 9 MM
  • Combine various panel formats : Yes
  • Electric Tension : 24 VOLTS
  • LED Brightness : LED 5 000 LUX
  • Number of LED : 135 LED for an A3 panel
  • Installation system : external/ inox rounded fixings
  • Double sided backlit display panels : yes
VitrineMedia ONE Maximize

With it's chrome or white contour and its' beveled frame, the VM ONE display panel gives is a breath of fresh air in the world of window display panels.

Possibility of combining the differents panel formats on the same column thanks to the VitrineMedia inter-panel mini-cables.

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  • Landscape
  • Portrait

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