Accessories: POWER BOX

Its' insulation is protected from surge and overheating. In the case that the power tension goes above 220V, that the temperature is too high or that a short circuit occurs, then the power supply shuts down. In addition, the Power Box protects against power surges. If the voltage from the power source is higher than 150W, the Power Box will only supply 150W. The Power Box is equiped with a switch which allows you to set the power supply to a lower voltage.


Breite 140 MM
Tiefe 54 MM
Humidité de fonctionnement Entre 20% et 90%
Température de fonctionnement Entre -25°C et +70°C
Elektrische Spannung 24 VOLTS
Surtension Entre 27.6V et 32.4V


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The Power Box holds a 150W power supply which gives the window display the safe light entensity . 
Better designed and more secure than a power supply. 
It's esthétic melds into all decors and it can be mounted onto the wall. 
The Power Box must be installed at least 50cm from the floor to ensure proper ventilation. 
This is why we recommend mounting it to a wall.

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